Important Information

Check out the RECEIVED APPLICATIONS. All cadets who have been accepted are listed. If you were not accepted because of missing paperwork and are still interested in attending, contact the Encampment Registrar. (There are a few spots left if you get your paperwork in ASAP.)

What to Expect as a First Timer?


Expect to be very busy. You will be up early (before 0600) and you will be physically active most of the day. You will sleep soundly at night. You wil most likely be more active than you typically are at home and school. You can ease the transition by getting into better physical condition before you arrive - do some running, practice some pushups.

Expect to be in uniforms for most of the time. That is part of the fun. Make sure you have all the necessary insignia and that it is in the right place. Have a more experienced member of your squadron do an inspection before you leave for the encampment.

Most of the time you will be wearing BDU's and boots. Make sure your boots have been broken in. Wear them as much as you can before the encampment. Blisters are the single most frequent medical issue -- it's not much fun walking around with hurting feet.