Important Information

If your cadet is coming to encampment for the first time, check out the FIRST TIMER section. If your cadet is applying for staff, check the CADET STAFF section of the website. Make sure all paperwork is complete by the deadline dates. If you have any questions, contact the Encampment Registrar.

What to Expect?


This page is to provide you with information to help you understand what is expected of your cadet at this activity, and how you can help make that experience more enjoyable for him/her.

Last year's equipment list is available to help you get started on accumulating the various uniform items and other things required to attend the encampment. The list for this year will be sent to you in June, but it is generally very similar to prior year's.

In late June, early July you will receive a letter from us asking for an update on any medical or personal concerns regarding your cadet's participation at the encampment. You will be given a secure password to log into our protected area of the website where you will be able to enter any information you think is important. This information will be available to the staff directly responsible for your cadet. Parent/Guardian Login.