Important Information

DEADLINE for completed applications - 2 May 2020
NY Wing Cadet Staff Selection Criteria If applying for Command Staff and did not attend a Group Board, can enter your staff preference and explain in your essay why you did not attend. If entered by April 1st, the Senior Command Staff will evaluate.

What to Expect as a Cadet Staff Member?


First of all - expect to have fun. The encampment experience as a staff member is totally different than as a cadet in flight. But there is great satisfaction in figuring out how to accomplish things and in doing a good job. It's fun being part of a team. Check out pictures from last year's encampment (See Photos on menu at left).

Expect to work hard. There will be a lot of preparation prior to the encampment. Two weekend workshops help you to focus on what you need to do. The Encampment Resource Page is a good source of material. (See menu on left). Also Available are Continuity Documents from previous staff members. These documents are available on the MEMBERS ONLY section of this website. (See the Member Login at the top of this page.)

If you are a Flight Commander you will have a Senior Member Flight Training Officer (formerly known as a TAC officer or Flight Mentor), if you are an OIC (Officer in Charge) you will have a Senior Mentor. In either case, you have an adult who usually has advanced skills in the particular area and is a significant resource in helping you to define and implement your job.

New York Wing encampments have had the tradition of a large functioning executive staff. There are usually about 10 departments: ADMIN, PUBLIC AFFAIRS, MEDICAL, FLIGHT OPERATIONS, MESS OPERATIONS, LOGISTICS, COMMUNICATIONS, TRAINING. These departments have the responsibility and the authority to handle all activities defined by that department. The Cadet Staff Member is in charge, there is one Senior Member assigned as a mentor to each department, but they are there as a resource - to help you do the job. The workshops are critical in helping the cadet and senior staff to learn their jobs.

What can you do to better prepare yourself?