New York Wing Encampment
Comments for Cadet Staff


“Flight Sergeant is probably the best way to increase your morale and confidence. Because even though you are staff, you still get to talk to cadets and have fun. You get to drill and motivate. Don't be shy -- go for it.”
C/CMSgt Caleb McCarthy(2006)
“It is a learning experience. You can learn about other people's jobs as well as your own.”
C/2dLt Alexander Ulbright(2006)
“The New York Wing Encampment has had a long tradition of teaching the cadets that attend excellence. This job falls on the cadet staff. Cadet staff is a very fun time, and while challenging, has many rewards. I encourage anyone who is thinking about applying to do so – I promise you won't regret it. ”
C/2dLt Shaan Patel(2006)
“This is by far the best leadership program I have experienced. For the low price and week's time, there is no where else a person can go to witness and experience so much personal growth as both a leader, and as a team member working with people in an intensive setting.”
C/2dLt Max Kravitz(2006)
“One of the greatest opportunites there is for someone to learn, have fun and become a more powerful leader.”
C/2dLt Sarah Stenuf(2006)
“As a Cadet-In-Flight at encampment, you learned and as a staff member, you applied what you learned in the form of leading a flight or doing the behind the scenes work on Executive Staff. It is the challenge that will make you grow as a leader. “
SM Ming Hon(2006)
“Flight sergeant is most defininately the best job to have at an encampment. You are in charge of 10-16 cadets and have the responsibility of teaching them drill, customs and courtesies, respect, integrity, and to be a volunteer. You teach them, but while doing so you find out that they are teaching you as well. You learn from your mistakes and teach them about theirs.You have fun, and you learn, and that's what It's all about! “
C/2dLt Ian St Yves(2006)
“Coming back to encampment as a staff cadet shows initiative and drive. Be ready to accept new responsibility and take the next step as a leader. “
C/Lt Col Daniel Wawrzyniak(2006)
“Being on staff has helped me grow as a leader and as a person.”
C/Maj Michael Singleton(2006)
“There is nothing more thrilling, and rewarding than helping a group of cadets, which have been entrusted to you, develop into better cadets and stronger people.”
C/2dLt Michael Kaplan(2006)
“Staff is an awesome experience where you not only teach others but learn a lot about yourself. As you prepare for encampment, the workshops are very helpful. Your first time on staff will be very nerve wracking. This is where the workshops come into play. You not only get training from the set schedule but you also get to learn about the people you will be working with. By getting to know the others, you get a different perspective on encampment. “
C/Capt Stephanie Collins(2006)
“This is your chance to see CAP - the working of the chain of command on a large scale - to work with other cadets and seniors from the Wing. Encampment is a time to enrich your experience in Civil Air Patrol beyond your own squadron, and to learn to adapt to difference situations.”
C/2dLt Natasha Cohen(2006)
“Time flies by so enjoy everyday and guild relationships with your staff and other in-flights - because chances are you will see each other again at another encampment.”
C/Lt Col Charlsie Brooks(2006)
“Executive Staff is fast paced, high learning environment in which you have the opportunity to affect the encampment.”
TFO Sean Scharlau(2006)