New York Wing Encampment
Comments for Inflight Cadets


“Read up on drill and ceremonies. Great Time. Meet people from all over New York. C-130 Flights! Lots of yelling. Get fit mentally and physically.”
C/2dLt Jacob Miller(2006)
“New York Wing Encampment is a great experience - expect to be challenged to learn, and to have fun. Encampment is a great place to go to further your CAP career.”
C/CMSgt Ryan Pace(2006)
“This encampment is to test your leadership abilities. There are various tasks to be completed that are fun and exhilarating. ”
C/MSgt Daniel Marchand(2006)
“Staff are enthusiastic and extremely motivating. Your benefit as an in-flight is valued by all staff. C130 Flights = AWESOME!!!!! “
C/CMSgt Taylor Hren(2006)
“I learned a lot of Teamwork - Motivation - Leadership. I had a great time. I learned Drill, Customs and Courtesies.”
C/CMSgt Alex Scandaliato(2006)
“The leadership is a fulfilling experience which will broaden your perspective of CAP and allow you to improve yourself both personally and as a cadet. A whole new world opens up when you interact with other members of CAP from squadrons across the Wing.”
C/2dLt David Hatch(2006)
“The first day of encampment I met 18 random people I had never seen before. Seven days later I had 18 of the best friends I have ever made. It's not like school where you go home at the end of the day - you live with these people 24/7. “
C/SMSgt Patrick Grove(2006)
“The encampment is the best opportunity to get the leadership experience.”
C/MSgt Ryan Fortune(2006)
“Encampment is an extremely fun and rewarding experience. Be prepared to move quickly and consume a great amount of information. However, enjoy to the fullest your basic encampment because the experience and camaraderie is incredible. It is truly incredible! ”
C/SSgt William Coons(2006)
“Well, first I want to start out that the encampment is fun in many ways -- drill, some of the classes, and extras like C-130 flights. It is also very good at helping you gain experience for further things such as squadron meetings and other encampments. I just want you to know that at the encampment I had a lot of fun my first time and so should you! ”
C/SSgt Matthew Beighey(2006)
“It was a wonderful learning experience.”
C/TSgt Timothy Anger(2006)
“This experience has been the most challenging of my life -- both physically and mentally -- but it has also been the most fun and rewarding! ”
C/SSgt Jillian Jackson(2006)
“It was one of the best experiences I have had in CAP; the different people that I met; the friends I made. It greatly improved my leadership skills.”
C/2dLt Brian Perschke(2006)
“I had a totally awesome week. It was by far the most fun I've ever had! Definitely recommend it.!!! ”
C/CMSgt James Anderson IV(2006)
“Encampment 2005 was a great leadership experience for me. I enjoyed the team building exercises, my flight commander and sergeant were great, and the food really isn't that bad. “
C/MSgt Sadie Popham(2006)
“My last encampment was at Fort Drum in 2003. I learned pretty much all my leadership skills there and I made a lot of friends. I remember right when I got home - I told my mom, "Next year I'm going on staff". Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go for the last two years. Now I'm on staff and I hope to teach all the skills that my commander taught me. “
C/2dLt David Senderoff(2006)
“I hear this is your first time coming to Encampment! It is an outstanding time to grow and learn so much. You'll make many new friends - so enjoy!”
C/CMSgt Joshua Terry(2006)
“It's great Fun! You will do things that you could never imagine doing back home. You'll learn a whole lot too.”
C/CMSgt Brendan West(2006)
“If you are thinking about joing ROTC, going to encampment as an in-flight cadet is a great way to get a taste of what you might experience later on. “
1st Lt Michael Sim(2006)
“It was the most awsome thing I've ever done in my life. You can definitely learn a lot from this no matter what you're trying to do in life.”
C/SSgt Jacob Penzias(2006)
“Encampment could be considered one of the ultimate cadet experiences. It is the gateway cadets pass through to the wide-world of Civil Air Patrol “
C/SMSgt Chase Pfeffer(2006)