New York Wing Encampment
Comments for Senior Staff


“Get ready for the time of your life.”
Capt Adam Candib(2006)
“Encampment is a worthwhile experience where a cadet and senior member can develop their leadership potential by working together.”
TFO Eric Threadgill(2006)
“Cadets and Seniors alike, first-time or fiftieth, be prepared for an amazing experience. Every year the amount of experience, talent, and dedication that is brought together in one place is mind-boggling. Expect to learn and teach at the same time, and come away twice the person that you were. Once you've had the New York Wing Encampment experience, chances are you too will become an "Encampment Junkie".”
1st Lt Cory Reynolds(2006)
“Encampment was a great experience! Working with cadets; watching and helping them develop leadership skills; making new friends.”
1st Lt Stephen Perschke(2006)
“Senior Member Mentor Workshop - great fun, nice people, new faces. Join the family.”
2d Lt Alistair Payne(2006)
“NYW Encampment is a safe place to try on and learn a new job with the luxury of many seniors and cadets who have been in those and other positions, who are capable and ready to coach you through your learning experience. Each year is different - with different leadership challenges that afford opportunity for personal and professional growth.”
Lt Col Anita Martin(2006)
“As a cadet of 5 years, I found the Senior Member Mentor Workshop to be extremely informative. My only wish was that this workshop was open and encouraged to all Senior Members, not just those attending encampment. It teaches Senior Members the proper balance of jurisdiction and mentorship over the Cadet Corps..”
SM Joshua Lebenns(2006)
“Welcome to the encampment family. Once you're part of the encampment, you'll want to return each year to meet old friends and see how everyone has grown in the past year.”
Capt David Lankford(2006)
“New to New York Wing, I attended my first Leadership Training Weekend for the 2006 Encampment. I found the introduction to Mentoring and Mentoring Methods valuable and exciting. I encourage all members - Cadet and Senior - to become involved in the encampment.”
Lt Col Robert Hoar(2006)
“As a Senior Member, no matter your job you will have contact with cadets and after 4 1/2 years as a member and attaining Level III, I can say that I have learned more at encampment than any other activity. There is no experience like watching cadets move from in-flight to staff to even senior staff. This will be my 5th encampment and it is the highlight of my year. “
Capt Stephen Valastro(2006)
“Been to 4 encampments as Senior Staff - missed last year, but am back this year. Great time with staff and cadets.”
Capt Howard Kravitz(2006)