Important Information

If you are planning to come to the encampment other than drop off days or graduation, you MUST register as a guest and complete the base security process. See below for instructions. THIS MUST BE DONE NO LATER THAN 1 WEEK PRIOR TO THE ACTIVITY!

What to Expect?


The encampment is a very busy place. It is not possible to accomodate individuals who would like to 'stop by'. We can accept seniors on a part-time basis, but you need to be registered as a staff member of the encampment, and we need to know when you will be on-site. (See the "Senior Staff - How to Apply" page.)

If you just want to see what is going on, the best time to come is graduation day. No additional paperwork is required if you are coming at this time.

Graduation and Pass-in-Review Ceremony

Location: Stratton Air National Guard, Scotia, NY

Date and Time: Saturday 25 Jul 2020 1000 Hours