Important Information

Senior Staff Deadline is 15 May (Before the First Workshop). If you have any questions, contact the Encampment Registrar.

What to Expect as Senior Staff?

This page is to provide you with information to help you understand what is expected of you and what you can expect at the encampment.

First of all - expect to have fun. Check out pictures from previous year's encampment (See PHOTOS on the menu on the left side of this page). There is great enjoyment in working with other people (both cadet and senior) to do a good job. Being on an active base is a different experience for most of us. Working as a 'Mentor' may be a new experience as well. The link on the menu "Role of the Senior Member" has more information on the kinds of roles seniors perform at encampments.

While it is better for the encampment if a staff member can be there the entire time, we recognize that it is not always possible. When applying, indicate the dates that you could be available. That will help us in making effective use of your time. We also understand that in April you may not know whether you will be able to come in July. If you would like to come, and think there is a reasonable chance that your schedule will allow it, apply. Let us know on the application that there is some uncertainty. But, if you get your application in, you will receive updates and other information. If you can come, you are prepared. If you cannot come, just let us know as soon as possible.

When we are at the encampment, we try to use the corporate vehicles exclusively, especially if we are transporting cadets. If you feel comfortable driving a large van, we need as many registered drivers as possible. In order to drive a CAP vehicle, the first step is to request a copy of your driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles. The form (MV-15) can be obtained at any NYS Motor Vehicle Department (Or Check the Downloads page for information on how to get it online). Once you have filled that out, it needs to be submitted to New York Department of Motor Vehicles. Next you need to go to eServices, Operation Qualifications, Driver's License and upload your Driving Record and State Driver's License. Under authorized vehicles only select up to 12 passenger van. All other vehicles require additional qualification approvals and these vehicles will not be used at encampment. Once approved at Group and New York Wing Transportation, your qualification will show up on your 101 card. Print a copy of your 101 card showing the Driver's License qualification.Since this takes time, it is imperative that you start the process immediately. If you already have a New York Wing Van License, check to see that it will not expire prior to the encampment.

As a senior member you are expected to be in uniform every day until after dinner, or the end of your duty day. Senior members have a wide variety of uniforms that they can choose to wear. All are valid, just make sure that you review CAPM 39-1 to make sure you wearing the uniform correctly. The cadets will be wearing the BDU uniform during most of the encampment, and the blue uniform on inspection day and graduation day.

All staff members are expected to attend the Encampment Training Workshops held on weekends in the Spring. See the Workshops Page for more information.

If you have never attended an encampment, and aren't sure if you want to come, I recommend coming to the Mentor Workshop that is held during the first Leadership Workshop. This workshop is required for all new senior staff. You will be able to get a feel of what the encampment is like, be able to ask any questions you might have, meet the Encampment Commander and discuss potential staff positions.

Many of the seniors that participate in the encampment have done so for many years. We do it because we think that it is a worthwhile thing to do. We do it because we like working with other dedicated individuals throughout the Wing. We do it because each year we learn and grow. And we welcome the opportunity to add new seniors to the roster.